Wednesday, 12 December 2012


Shot 1
An extreme close up of Tom’s face with eyes opening.
Shot 2
Right side close up of Tom’s face
Shot 3
Left side close up of Tom’s face
Shot 4
Vertical shot from underneath Tom’s face
Shot 5
Medium shot, eye level with Tom
Shot 6
Panning shot across location
Shot 7
Out of focus long shot of Tom walking
Shot 8
Ghost shot of Tom from behind
Shot 9
Continual Spinning shot of location and Tom
Shot 10 - 20
Varied length and tilted cut up shots of Tom to fragment his body
Shot 21
(Switch location) extreme low angle of distorted feet
Shot 22
Scenic shot of some shops
Shot 23
Panning of the location, Tom central
Shot 24
Whip panning of sky
Shot 25
(Switch location) representational characters begin to appear in long shot
Shot 26 - 30
Variety of zooms from different angles
Shot 31- 33
Vertiginous spinning shot of the faces
Shot 34
(Delay of time) Close up of tom at night.
Shot 35 - 40
Fast spinning pan shots around the location
Shot 41
Tom walking in a circle with other characters around him
Shot 42
Fast cuts and handheld style shooting of outburst
Shot 43
ECU of Tom looking robotic
Shot 44
Calm shot of scenery
Shot  45 -60
Varied zooms, dolly’s and pans of Tom all over different locations and extreme slow fade to black.

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