Monday, 15 October 2012

Busted Re-make

Pre-production: we had problems in pre-production, where certain people couldn't stay on certain days so the order in which we shot the sequence wasn't efficient. Also people seemed reluctant to bring props or costume in so we had to make the most of what people did bring. It's fair to say our organisation could've been a lot better. I as the director should have made a shot list which would've cut time down instead of wasting time doing shots that could have been done at any other time.

Production: Filming the sequence took longer than needed as Myself being the director, I wasn't happy with numerous shots due to lack of effort or people being too shy. Eventually we got there and the shots were decent, not great but alright. Trying to mimic the cinematography was quite difficult, but practise makes perfect and we then managed to get the majority of the shots as close as possible to the real thing. I also learnt that having only to film 50 seconds it was more time consuming than I initially thought. Also I believe I managed to get people knowing what was required of them in the shot so there wasn't any confusion.

Post-Production: Editing the shots I found relatively easy as I've had previous experience using Adobe Premier Pro, however certain parts were quite difficult, I still find getting the lip syncing very hard to get perfect and would require precision and a lot of time, I enjoyed working on premier pro and taking from the practise I've had I will take this onto my music video next year by making it as precise as possible.

Overall I'm pleased with how well the project went, having learnt from certain mistakes will help next year so I'm glad we had this practise before the coursework begins.

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