Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Evaluation 1:

When researching and planning I decided to check out quite a few bands within the 'Dance/IDM' genre of music, from my research I noticed that a lot of music video's within this genre share similar conventions, A vast majority of them feature special effects generated on a computer using some high level software,which is fitting for the music. A lot of the videos use synaesthesia as a key way to reflect the music and visuals.

In my video i've used various effects available to me on Premier Pro and used them in abundance. As my idea was to film something simple and make it visually convoluted. The absence of continuity editing also plays a vital role as the disjunctive style, the style of music is to challenge and not to conform.

Editing is the main micro-feature within the 'IDM' genre, so that became my focus area from the off-set. whilst maintaining a rather simple level of attention to Mise-en-Scene, Lighting and Cinematography. The song itself meant quite a lot politically to the modern, working class citizen of the UK, predominantly C1's C2's and even D's on the Jicnar's scale. So with casting and costume I decided it was best not to tamper with what was already there, I used friends all from a similar background and locations typically associated with these stereotypes of people.

I was influenced by Chris Cunningham, Aphex Twin and Venetian Snares. All of which are referenced within my video and Print based media work. E.g. the birds and cats are previous album covers for Venetian Snares.

The beginning of my video features a cat merged with a human this is to emphasize the lyrics within the song, of which a reading could be found that humans are treated like animals, as the phrase goes. That the government are trying to cage and seemingly nullify our 'existence'. Cats feature heavily throughout the video with various transformations and effects, I aimed to create a video where people were shown to behave like a cat so that it was easier to understand the message I was trying to get across.

On the other hand, if the audience are unable to read the preferred reading they could find the video 'repetitive' especially as the IDM genre features very disjunctive and entropic video's heavily. My digipack and advert I made visually for a neo-classical audience, by having smart aesthetics for the print based media and in contrast having a macabre, pessimistic meaning.

Also the problem with the IDM genre is that it requires a very high intelligence to truly grasp the meanings behind it, and by challenging those conventions would detract a lot of my target audience, and by recognising that I was then able to create a mix within my video, to allow an aesthetically pleasing  video to watch and produce layers of meaning also.

A key factor that helped me film my video is that the audience don't expect anything, which means that I could film absolutely anything I wanted. I stuck to my idea and thus created a very confusing and disjunctive feel whilst maintaining an upbeat and humorous side to it as well.

Videos like; Venetian Snares - 'Seqsy' has a style that I wanted to push for in my video, it also contains cats which is a direct reference within my video, however this video is much more professional with seemingly flawless time signatures and a cohesion of images that fit the style of music perfectly. The fluid editing and narrative is something I admire within this video, on the other hand I felt that making mine increasingly disjunctive. I also feel that by having a home made aesthetics in my video helps make the audience become more attached, as something they can possibly relate to by whatever means.
There is only a certain amount you can film with next to no budget which also doesn't necessarily mean that the video will be bad, but rather it won't be generic.

When I filmed scenes from inside a pub, I wanted to manipulate what the 'real' was, I did this by distortion of colour, morphing faces around and altering the speed of the scene. My reasoning behind this was purely to make a normal formality of youth appear a lot more simplistic/settled than what is usually portrayed in other media forms.

When making my digipack I decided to make it in the style of neo-classical, By using calligraphic font and rich tones of colour, then using the same photographs but doing the complete reverse in order to create contrast. Where as when designing my advert I thought to link it with my digipack with the use of birds, I wanted to keep it as simple as possible, this way it wouldn't attract a mainstream audience but still relate to my niche market.

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