Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Evaluation 3:

What have you learned from your audience feedback?

Again, here is the responses I got about my video;
There is a clear relationship between the visuals and the pace and genre of the song. The use of multiple locations and cast members keeps the video interesting and the fact that there are not really any 'main characters' adds a sense of ambiguity which links in with the mysterious captions and optical effects.
Really good use of effects and youve made something very simple look interesting. Fits with the song very well and i like the way you cut to the beat a lot. Good use of contrasts. 

the random clips in a non linear style work really well with this uncommon type of music. I find the effects used make a strange yet very interesting aura around the video, which is also increased by the various words that pop up during it. the short focal length in some of the shots adds a sense of uncertainty and mystery yet again increasing how interesting the video is. overall a good video to watch due to the unique filming and editing style used

I learnt from these responses that my audience enjoyed watching my video, it left them interested and curious, I didn't expect the responses I got, I thought they would've either not understood what I was trying to do or just saw it as a complete failure. So I was surprised at the comments, however I do believe that I made quite a few errors within the video which have seemingly gone unnoticed by my audience, maybe they thought they were done on purpose because of the style of my video?

They read the text within my video very well, even though nobody grasped the political stance of the song they still saw it as something 'mysterious' and the non-linear narrative that pursues within deeming the video interesting to watch. The controversial flashing texts throughout were also not picked up as offensive or a edgy part of the video, this helps as it is typical of this brand identity and therefore not seen as something that shouldn't be there.

My audience have made a relation between the video and myself, I made the video intending to keep it as 'organic' as possible, ensuing only my ideas within the video, and the audience has recognised that. The disjunctive nature of the video and myself has made the video more understandable from there point of view, nobody made comments about the cats in my video which disappointed me as it was a main aspect of the song and that a lot of working class people have pets like cats or dogs.

My audience being young adults are using their social status and background to make sense of my text and the fast paced nature of my video coincides with the fast nature of growing up, the entropic audience has created a relation of their lives and the song in order to feel more satisfied when listening to it, this is also one of the pleasures it offers the audience, a sense of home. Where everything has been simplified in the most frantic way, As if a morphing of two typical teenage characteristics has happened.  

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