Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Evaluation 2:

How effective is the combination of your main product and ancillary texts?

My music video is easily heavily linked with my ancillary texts by the use of repetitive themes, e.g. animals, distortion of colours etc.. My goal was to identify this IDM genre as an emergent market and I achieved this by having my music video heavily disjunctive and containing no narrative, almost like a collage of images that all stand for something individually and then collectively by the end, this theme ran on from my digipack and advert, both of those being basic and hard to analyse from an academic view but as an emergent 'cult' genre it stands out as it's own brand identity. The song I used itself is quite political and I tried to capture the meaning through obscure images whilst still having the meaning as solid a possible. When filming my video I went with a cinematography style similar to gaspar noĆ©, plenty of vertiginous shots and strange colour patterns.

The locations were everyday places of working class folk, and I used no props at all other than when editing, the addition of flashing text was prominent throughout.

The response I got from my audience was as I expected, acknowledging the mysterious and clouded side to the song and visuals, These are the responses I got about my video;
 "There is a clear relationship between the visuals and the pace and genre of the song. The use of multiple locations and cast members keeps the video interesting and the fact that there are not really any 'main characters' adds a sense of ambiguity which links in with the mysterious captions and optical effects. "

"Really good use of effects and youve made something very simple look interesting. Fits with the song very well and i like the way you cut to the beat a lot. Good use of contrasts."

"the random clips in a non linear style work really well with this uncommon type of music. I find the effects used make a strange yet very interesting aura around the video, which is also increased by the various words that pop up during it. the short focal length in some of the shots adds a sense of uncertainty and mystery yet again increasing how interesting the video is. overall a good video to watch due to the unique filming and editing style used"

My own response about my video is that I'm not pleased with it, I now realise that I could have done plenty of other things in order to solidify my messages and values within the song, those being about control, hierarchy and capitalism. The artist 'Drums of Death' has his own brand image, which is very DIY, a relation to his audience that he is not idolised in anyway but just a regular guy who has the ability to make IDM tracks, this is his own video to the song 'Got YR Thing'  He also states in an interview that the face make up is only used to separate him from his day to day self, as t allows him to get into the moment fully and put on a good show. 

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